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MODULE: Using the Website

Your Shop – View Sales

Did you know you have your own online shop on your society webpage?

It’s within the ‘Shop’ Tab


Here everything you currently have on sale will display!

You can check your sales at anytime through the website – they are live!


You can run a report to check the sales of:

  • Memberships

  • Event Tickets

  • Merchandise

  • Donations

  • + Any other products you may have on sale

Go to the website, log-in (top right) using your student central details and navigate to the society admin page. If you need reminding how to do this, click here.

Select ‘Sales Reports’

  1. Click on the calendar icon/s – this will make the calendar pop up, you can set the ‘from’ date as far back as you need

  2. Click ‘Sales Report’ to see itemised list of sales (+ date and time of each sale) within this period

  3. Click ‘Purchasers Report’ to see ‘who’ brought what (+ date and time of each purchase) within this period

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