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MODULE: Rules and Regs

Time Frames

With over 100 societies all organising simultaneous events throughout the year, things can get really busy!


This makes it super important to plan ahead. The earlier you get your requests in to us, the more time we have to process them and make things happen.


We have set these time frames to be as generous as is physically possible – please keep within them to avoid disappointment:


  • Room Booking Request Form – at least 1 week before you need the room

  • External Speaker/Visitor Request Form – at least 3 weeks before event

  • Film Showing – Get in touch with Societies Team at least 2 weeks before screening

  • Large scale event in external venue – Get in touch with Societies Team 12 weeks before event

  • Trip Request Form – Single day/no nights = 48 hours before trip / 1 or more night = 5 working days before trip / Trips abroad = 1 month before trip

  • Cake Sale/Stall Booking Form – 2 weeks before event

  • Special Event/Activity Request Form – 2 weeks event

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