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MODULE: Using the Website

Sell Tickets

Did you know you can sell tickets through your society webpage?

You simply Add Events FIRST, then add the ticket on AFTER.


If‘ your events are up and ready in the online calendar, follow these steps to add a ticket to them.


Go to the website, log-in (top right) using your student central details and navigate to the society admin page. If you need reminding how to do this, click here.

Select ‘Tickets’


When you are searching for events you’ve created – to add tickets to them, ⬅️ WIDEN ➡️ the FROM and TO dates! (see how below)


  1. Click on the calendar icon/s – this will make the calendar pop up, you can extend the dates to ensure your event falls within these parameters.

  2. Click ‘Apply’ to make the events display

  3. Select ‘Add Ticket’ to the event you wish to add the ticket to

  • Ticket Type – This will determine ‘who’ the system will allow to purchase the ticket (at that price) use the drop down menu to select ‘Members’ or ‘Students’

  • Price – You may wish to do discounted tickets for members

  • On sale from/until – When selecting date and time USE 8 digit date format (e.g 22/07/2019) and 24 hour clock with DOUBLE DOTS! (e.g. 14:30)

  • Sales limit – how many spaces do you have in total? What is the capacity of the room? (setting this will ensure you don’t accidentally oversell)

  • Per person limit – Sets how many tickets each person can buy. REMEMBER if you have discounted tickets for society members set the limit to 1 per person.

Click ‘Save’ and you will see the ticket appear!


Remember, your event displays both on: your society webpage  and on our main BSU Events Calendar 


Now, when anyone clicks onto your event – the ticket will be there to purchase.

Remember – You can copy and paste the page URL link too and share it in messages and social media posts.

Send a message to your event tickets holders

You can send a message to event tickets holders, this is useful if you have an update about the event or specify instructions for the tickets holders.

Click into the message tab highlighted in the image above, here you will be able to view all your events that have tickets attached, the date ranges can be changed to find different events that occur through the year.

If you have sold different types of  tickets for the event for example students and members you will be given the option to compose a different message for each type of ticket.

Now its time to compose your message, and hit send once you are ready.

This is a great way to keep your event guests up to date with specific events!

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