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MODULE: Using the Website

Sell Products


Did you know you can sell products through your society webpage?

Don’t bother selling personalised clothing (hoodies etc.) as there is a much easier way to do this here

But if there are any other products you would like to sell, here’s where you’ll find out how to add them.


You can use this same method to set up a ‘Make A Donation’ to your Society too, simply name the product ‘Donation’ and set it to £1. Your supporters can then select how many pounds they would like to donate to your society.

All sales go into your society bank account.


Go to the website and log-in (top right) using your student central details


Click on the cog icon (top right) and select your society

Select ‘Products’

  1. Select ‘Add new product’

  2. Fill in the description, price, dates you want it on sale for, quantity you have available to sell, and the limit per person.

  3. Hit ‘Save’


Your product (or make a Donation to your Society button) will now display in your shop on your society webpage and be available to purchase!

Don’t Forget! If you are selling products, it’s important to keep a check on your sales, you don’t want to keep people waiting to receive their items.

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