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MODULE: Promote Yourselves


Re|Freshers’ week (1st -5th February)

Re|Freshers’ week happens in February this give anyone the opportunity who might have missed Freshers’ or just needed time to settle into university life another shot at meeting you all!


Re|Freshers’ Fair

Watch out for the Society Newsletter announcement for the Fair Booking Form opening date- book fast, spaces are limited and will go quick!


The Re|Freshers' Fair is another fantastic opportunity to get everyone involved and raise awareness of your society giving you the best possible chance for new sign-ups!    


B.French Student Activities Manager

10 tips to make your Stall stand out from the crowd!

  1. Use your Re|Freshers’ Pack! It includes: signage, tablecloth, sticky tabs for posters, parking permits, stall holder passes and more!

  2. Make it Eye Catching! Decorate with flags, bunting, artwork, images and posters. This will add colour and make you stand out from the crowd.

  3. Make it clear! What is your Society about? Why should they join? Make it easy for them to get an idea of your society as soon as they see your stand.

  4. You get £50 of FREE printing per year! Make use of this for your stand! Visit an SU reception for more info.

  5. Freebies! Everyone loves freebies, entice them over then tell them all about your society.

  6. Make a rota for your stall so you can take turns and have breaks, this way you will be refreshed and still have lots of energy to talk to students about your society!

  7. Keep music low or people won’t be able to hear you speak.

  8. Mingle with other Societies and make contacts. Think of all the collaboration projects you could work together on!

  9. Social Media! Tweet it! Snap it! put it on Facebook! Post it on as many Fresher’s pages as you can find, and tell people exactly where to find your stall!

  10. Have Fun! The buzz is electric.

Re|Freshers’ Welcome Event

Holding a Welcome Event in the week of Re|Freshers’ is another perfect opportunity to get new potential members involved with your society! Check out our Top Tips for running your Welcome Event.

Need a little inspiration check out some photos from some of our past Re|Freshers’ Fairs!   

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