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MODULE: Rules and Regs

Political Activity Guidelines

Societies are permitted to organise and promote political activities, providing that the subject matter affects ‘students as students’ and that the society constitution specifically references the society’s purpose to exist is to engage students in political activity.


  • Political activities within and promoted by your society must be relevant to your society’s Aims and Objectives in your Society Constitution.

  • The subject matter must affect ‘students as students’. Issues defined as affecting ‘students as students’ is summarised in the Societies Association Policy Section 7.

  • Keep your debates, activities and information promoted fair and balanced – represent all sides of the topics and issues.

  • Any protests or political activity must be peaceful and lawful at all times.

  • Remember you are representing your Society and Brighton Students Union during all society activities. Any personal political views must not be promoted through a society.

  • If a society’s constitution specifically references their purpose to exist is to engage students in political activity, they are permitted to conduct a vote within their society and form a stance on political issues. In this case, members must be given a minimum of 3 consecutive working days to cast their vote.

  • No funds your society has received from the Students Union i.e. accreditation grants, should be used to support a political party and to directly campaign for a political party i.e. printing a political party’s literature to canvass the general public.

  • Societies should never directly donate funds to a political party or organisation.

  • Submit any politically relevant External Speaker requests 6 weeks before the event to give the university time to adequately plan for the event.

If you have any question about any political activities your society is planning please get in touch with the Society Team.

Societies Association Policy – January 2020

Political Activity: Section 7-7.8

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