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MODULE: Committee Actions

Managing Your Members

Top Tips to Manage Your Members 

  • Don’t rely on one method of communication. Not all students have Facebook so don’t forget to utilise multiple methods (Use your SU webpage to add events & message members)

  • Give members notice, if you’re planning something, let them know so they can get in in their diaries.

  • Be responsive. If a member messages you, get back in touch with them so they know you are listening.

  • Make sure you tell them what’s going on but don’t overdo it. People like to be informed but not spammed.

  • Make sure your society hosts a range of different events, appealing to different tastes and reaching out to a larger audience. Not everybody enjoys going out drinking, so make sure you offer some fun daytime activities too.

Guest Members

Do you have University of Sussex Students or UBIC who are keen to join your society? No problem! Share this Video Link with them to show them how create a Guest Account and join

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