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MODULE: Your Finances

Money In

Your Shop

Use Your Shop on your society webpage to get money coming into your society account.

You can Sell Tickets and Sell Products – These sales will automatically go into your society account.

If your society has organised to offer a service in exchange for payment i.e. Music Society playing at a wedding, we will bill them for you.


We performed at the Brighton Fringe, BSU billed the company for us


Drama Society

Let us create the invoice and bill external companies on your behalf.

You MUST NOT raise your own invoices, we MUST do this for you.

Email bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk

  1. Amount £££ they owe your society

  2. Company Name & Address (theirs)

  3. Company Email Address (theirs)

  4. Brief description of services you provided

iZettle Tills

Each campus office has an iZettle till that provides a physical shop with the same functionality as the website.

Mobile iZettle tills are available for your society to rent and use at events.  Please contact the Societies Team at bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk  if you wish to rent an iZettle till.

Training materials are available for their use.

Fundraising and Sponsors

Please complete the Society Fundraising Request form HERE if you wish BSU to raise an invoice request for a payment to an organisation or individual that has agreed to sponsor your society or if they wish to provide your society with a grant.


Society Fundraising Request Form QR

Society Bank Deposits

Ideally you will not need to deposit money directly  into the BSU bank account, however, sometimes this can’t be avoided.

The Society Bank Deposit Notification Form HERE should be completed to notify the BSU finance team of your need to deposit money directly into the account.  They will then provide the relevant bank account details.


If money is deposited into the BSU  bank account without the Bank Deposit Notification Form having been completed, there is no guarantee it will be allocated to the correct society.

Society Bank Deposit Notification QR
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