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MODULE: Rules and Regs


1. Society Member Insurance

£2 of your society membership fee is used to pay insurance to cover ALL society members, the policy is from Endsleigh and the cover is underwritten by Chubb European Group limited.

In Summery, The Policy Covers:

  • Accidental Death

  • Permanent Disability- See scale of benefits

  • Temporary total disablement

  • Loss of Earnings

  • Hospital Confinement

  • Emergency travel Expenses

  • Dental Expenses

  • Supplementary travel and accommodation expenses in the United Kingdom

  • Course Deferment Expenses

The Policy Does Not Cover:

  • Coma, Broken Bones

  • Primary Dislocation

  • Physiotherapy

  • Medical Certificate Expenses

  • Person aged over 70 years

  • Sickness or disease

  • Repetitive stress (strain) injury or syndrome or any gradually operating cause

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Any psychological or psychiatric condition

  • Pre-existing physical defects

  • Suicide or self- inflicted injury

  • Illegal acts

  • Abuse of solvent drugs

  • Drunk Driving

  • Aviation

  • Canoeing, boating or sailing 4.5 miles from coastline

  • Underwater diving unless in accordance with BSAC or PADI regulation

  • Activities undertaken in the pursuit of danger

  • Members of the armed forces

  • War

The full details and terms and conditions of your policy, can be found in the policy documents. 

How to Claim?

If you do find yourself needing to make a claim, get in touch, email bsusocities@brighton.ac.uk with the details of your case. Alternatively find us in the Society’s office on the ground floor of Cockcroft and one of the society’s team will be happy to help you navigate how to claim.

Who is Responsible for Claiming?

The President is responsible for making an insurance claim. In the Presidents absences the society VP Finance or VP Social can make a claim.

What Evidence is Needed in Order to Claim?

If the accident takes place on campus ensure you go straight to a member of staff to report this and get it logged and signed off in the University’s Accident Report. If the accident takes place off campus, in a public venue, ensure you do the same, reporting to a member of staff to log and sign the accident in their report, this will evidence the claim. Keep all receipts i.e. travel to hospital, dental bill. All incidents which may give rise to a claim must be reported immediately. You must disclose all facts, circumstances and any sufficient information which may be relevant to the risks covered by the policy.

2. Public Liability Insurance

The students’ Union also hold a Public Liability Insurance policy with Zurich.

The policy can be used to cover Graduation Balls and events which do not take place on Campus.

Often venues will ask to see a copy of our Public Liability insurance policy. If you need to obtain a copy, please contact your nearest campus office to get the information.

If an event is being planned off campus, please ensure the venue have adequate cover and advise the SU by emailing BSUSocieties@brighton.ac.uk if you are not certain.

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