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MODULE: Promote Yourselves


Instagram is a great way to get your society image out to new potential members!

Setting up an Instagram Account

  • We recommend making your Account a Business Account this will have benefits including –

    You will be able to attach email addresses making it easier for users to contact you

    You will be delivered insights about your account use such as the people you have reached and if your content received a good response from your audience.

    Please note Business Account’s will ask to be linked to a Facebook account so set this up first.

    Not sure how to make your account a Business Account? Find the option in the Instagram setting menu.

  • Pick a clear and recognisable username that’s relevant to your society

Our Policy

As a society, you are representing BSU when posting online. We must ask that you refrain from posting anything inappropriate or offensive. Failure to do so will lead to your account being taken down and in extreme circumstances, further consequences.

Important to Note: What goes on Instagram will always be there (even when deleted) and will be accessible by the authority. Do NOT post/share inappropriate content that could harm the reputation of the Society, the Brighton Students Union or the University of Brighton.

Setting Up Access

Share your new password carefully

We urge that you share your password carefully and exclusively amongst committee members for the best interest of your society.

If you are posting as a group, ensure that you’re all posting with the same tone and theme so that your account isn’t confusing and mismatched.

The VP Social should be responsible for set up of any new committee positions during the handover process.

Please Note: No member should post/share anything that is not directly related to the running of the society.

Sharing Content

  • Keep it clear and have a solid message you want to get across

  • Use HASHTAGS! Using hashtags increases engagement.

    Our personal hashtags are: #brightonsu #hellobrighton #bsusocieties

  • Use the Story Feature this can be a great quick way to give people a fantastic insight into your society!

How can we help?

  • Send us your content!

    If you would like to be featured on our account for further exposure for your society – please contact bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk or message us personally on our Instagram account.

    If we are unable to feature you in our feed, we will fit you into our stories.


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