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MODULE: Committee Actions


Handover is when you pass on your role to the next elected student leader who will take your place.

1. Your Role

In the first step of handover, brief the new committee member (taking over from you) on the role. Remember, everything is new to them.

It’s your job to pass on all additional information about your role specific to your society that’s not covered in the descriptions! Just think back to when you were new –  what things would have been helpful to know?


A strong handover makes for a strong continuation of your society!


2. Contacts

The second step is to pass on all the contacts you have made throughout the year, that played a part in the society success. For example; venues that you worked with or a company that gives good discounts on wristbands etc.


3. Account Passwords

The third step is passing over all the account passwords for your social media and email accounts. By doing this, the new committee are able to continue developing the society without losing all the hard work the current team put in boosting the society awareness!

Add all the new committee members as Admins or Moderators to the relevant Facebook Groups and Pages so they can manage them in the year to come and add all the new members!


4. Top Ten Tips

The final step is to give them a set of 10 top tips.

Letting the new leaders know how to go about doing things will make their life a lot easier. Tell them what worked well and what didn’t so  they can avoid making any of the same mistakes and keep up the good work.


Download and print each of the pages to create your Handover Pack.


Simply fill in the blanks and hand it to the new committee!



Fill in the blanks...


Fill in the blanks...


Fill in the blanks...


Fill in the blanks...


Fill in the blanks...

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