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MODULE: Committee Actions

Get Members to Join

Getting members and keeping your members should be one of your top priorities as a society leader!

  • Engaging new members will keep your society running!

  • Many hands make light work! You will have more help with projects and tasks!

  • Bigger and better events!

  • More members = more society funding = more society events and activities!

Key times and events to engage new members!

Your 2 biggest recruitment events are:

  1. Freshers’ – held across all the campuses in September

  2. Re|Freshers’ – held in February


During these 2 periods we let new potential members trial societies – so they can come along to your welcome events for free!

If you’ve made a great impression, won them over, and they want to come back for more – they must then purchase their membership.

Check Memberships!

As committee it is your job to check everyone has purchased their membership for the year. You can do so by checking membership cards upon entry.

This year’s cards have a pink strip and ‘Expiry Date 31/07/2021’

Reasons ‘why’ students should get a society membership:

If you get anyone resisting to officially ‘join’ here’s a few suggestions as to why they should…

  • It is unfair to the those who ‘have’ purchased memberships to let people come along that ‘have not’

  • If someone fails to purchase their membership, they will not be covered by the necessary insurance

  • The joining process is through the website – this automatically links them in giving them access, permissions and eligibility to: Stand/Vote in the elections, get tickets and receive messages from the society

  • The size of the room you can book is equal to your membership numbers (if you have more people than purchased memberships it will be a squeeze!)

  • £1 of the annual membership fee goes into your society bank account. If someone is avoiding to pay their membership they are keeping that funding from reaching your society

Welcome Events

You will be expected to provide us with details of your 2 x  Welcome Events on the Freshers’ and Re|Freshers’ booking forms – we will then advertise this widely for you!

It is a perfect opportunity to get people involved with your society! Tell them about your plans for the year and your upcoming events – give them something to invest and get involved in!

Use Your Webpage and Events Calendar

Keep these up-to-date with everything you have going on! Then any new members will know where to find you next.

Promote your society using Social Media and Marketing

Find more ways to promote your society in the Promote Yourselves Module.

Great you now have a queue of new members who want to join your society!

Share this short video to show them how:

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