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MODULE: Your Finances

Fundraising for Charity


Societies year after year raise thousands of pounds for charity's and wonderful causes!


Your society can be a brilliant platform to fundraise from.

Fundraising Ideas!

  • Crowdfunding platforms such as ‘JustGiving’ are a great way to raise money for charity virtually. Think of a challenge your society could do?


    12 hour Danceathon? Stairs Everest? These are some of the many campaigns already set up that you can sign-up to or why not or set your own challenge?


    Then get all of your society members friends and family to donate. Here are some Top 10 Crowdfunding Tips


  • Cake Sales – These are a super popular way to fundraise find out more about cake sales here

  • Raffle – Gathering Prizes from your local town or community and raffle them off, this can be a great to raise funds.

  • Quiz or Karaoke Night – Put on a event and charge an entry fee that you can later donate to charity.

  • Teach a class in your favourite hobby – Just simply ask for a small fee for taking part and learning a new skill.

  • Coffee Morning – This is a really nice way to raise money collectively, and Macmillan for example can even provide you with resources to use at the event.

  • Sweepstake – Name the Teddy Bear / cost of bear £5

    (£1 a guess / 25 names to choose from / winner gets Teddy! = £20 profit) Can replicated with any theme

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