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MODULE: Your Finances

Fundraising for Charity


Year after year societies raise thousands of pounds for charity supporting great causes!


Your society is the perfect platform to fundraise from!

Go Fund Me is our approved crowdfunding platform for society charity fundraising projects uk.gofundme.com

*Don’t forget to let us know when you set it up, email bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk so we can keep a track of the money you raise. This will ensure you get the recognition and reward you deserve!

Check out the benefits:

  • No charge for using the platform

  • No time limit targets!

    On other crowdfunding platforms, if you do not reach your target within the time frame, the pledges do not get processed. With Go Fund Me, the charity gets every penny, as the payment is processed at the time the donator pledges.

  • You can link directly to your chosen charity. Search for your charity in the search bar here gofundme.com/start/charity-fundraising

  • If your Charity is not one of the hundreds listed, you can get them listed!

Society Go Fund Me projects:

BSL Society Raised £920!
Nursing Society Raised £275

Fundraising Ideas!

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

Whatever you decide to do, SHARING is caring. So let everyone know about it so they can share too, your society members friends and families will be the first to support you and get those donations rolling in.

  • Think of a challenge your society could do?

    12 hour Danceathon? Stairs Everest?

    Record your combined progress along the way (getting closer and closer to your target). Update your social media posts and share everywhere. Audiences really enjoy the journey and will keep donating along the way to inspire you to complete the challenge.

  • Create a compilation video?

    Your society performing a song, dance or simply each ‘throwing and catching’ an item ‘on and off’ screen to create the illusion that each member is throwing the item to another. If say you are raising money for The Rainbow Fund, your item could be Rainbow Flags!

    Share the video far and wide on social media – and with us! (we’ll get it on UoB staff central).

  • Source prizes from your local town or community (i.e. restaurant/take away vouchers) and raffle them off

  • Quiz or Karaoke Night – Put on an event and charge a ticket fee that you can later donate to charity or ask for donations during the event – send everyone your Go Fund Me link

  • Teach a class/workshop in your favourite hobby – Just simply ask for a donation for taking part and learning a new skill

  • Coffee Morning – This is a really nice way to raise money collectively, and Macmillan for example can even provide you with resources to use at the event

  • Sweepstake – Name the Teddy Bear / cost of bear £5

    (£1 a guess / 25 names to choose from / winner gets Teddy! = £20 profit) Can be replicated with any item or theme

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