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MODULE: Plan Events

Film Showing

Film showings are are a great way to engage your members and give you the chance to sit back, relax and let the entertainment take care of itself.

Luckily for us, Lecture Theatres provide the perfect setting for a private cinema experience! Don’t forget the popcorn (we even have popcorn boxes you can borrow to really set the scene).

Film Licensing

If you are planning to show a film, the film itself is likely to be protected by strict copyright and licensing rules. Most DVDs that you rent or buy are only legally allowed to be shown in private and if you get caught screening them in a public place (e.g. a university classroom) you and BSU could face huge fines!

Filmbank Media

We have a license to show films that are listed on Filmbank Media, check out the full catalogue here

Although you won’t be able to stream the film from this platform, if the film is listed, its fine to stream it from another platform or play as a DVD.

Filmbank Media – Special Permissions

Although hundreds of films are fully covered by the license and therefore free for you to show, some films require ‘special permissions’, this means an additional license must be purchased to watch it. This can be covered by your society funds.

*Get in touch with BSU Societies at least a week before you plan to show the film so we can apply for/get the license in time.

Box of Broadcasts

As a student you have free access to Box Of Broadcasts (BOB) where you can stream from a large collection of documentary’s plus Film 4 and BBC films:


  • Visit the Box of Broadcasts webpage here
  • Type the name of your institution “University of Brighton”
  • Enter your Student Central details to log-in
  • You are now good to go, start searching/browsing


Make the most of your movie

Here’s a few ideas to make your film showing more interactive:

  • Quiz

    Think of some key moments in the film which you can then quiz your members on after e.g. Question: In Dirty Dancing what fruit did Baby carry to the party? Answer: Watermelon

  • Talk About It

    Think of key topics about the film which you can discuss after. It’s always interesting to get everyone’s take on things

  • Theme the Event

    Match the theme to the movie and encourage everyone to come in fancy dress

    e.g. Horror Film – Halloween Costume / Marvel Movie – Superhero Costume

    You can have a competition for ‘Best Dressed’ and award a prize!

  • Props

    Hand out rolled up paper or stick wands and round glasses for Harry Potter or fluffy pens for Legally Blonde


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