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MODULE: Plan Events

External Speakers/Visitors


External Visitors are defined as any individual or organisation who is not a student or staff member at the University of Brighton


There are many diverse ways in which having an external visitor could benefit your society

  • Public Speakers can inspire ideas

  • They can share their experiences with a group this can build belief that your society members can go on to do the same.

  • They might share their career advice or research from other institutions

  • They could help promote exciting ideas or debate

The University has legal responsibilities around the kinds of ideas and speakers we promote.

We are legally required to gain authorisation from the University of Brighton BEFORE any visitors are invited.

Please see the University’s policy on guest speakers here

Why do we need to know about any external visitors?

  • Legally we are required to know about your guest

  • To ensure the wellbeing and welfare of all students in case of contentious or controversial subjects

  • The university also need to approve any online event guest speakers.

Fill in external speaker/visitor form at least 3 weeks before the event.

This gives us time to go to the university on your behalf and for the university to decide on approval.

You can find the Society External Speaker/Visitor form both below and in the Resources Section of this Module

External Speaker/Visitor Form

Fill in at least 3 weeks BEFORE!

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