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MODULE: Plan Events

Events Planning

Events are a great way to:

  • Spread the word about your society

  • Create something awesome as a team

  • Have fun!

Society events can range from a regular meet up in a room on campus to a one off end of year ball!

  • Check our Societies Calendar to see ‘what’s on’ and ‘when’ – plan your events around this.

  • For inspiration, check out our Event Ideas.

Planning Process

It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember – events take careful time and preparation – the bigger the event, the more planning will be needed.

  • Large scale events (End of Year Ball) will need at least 3 months! Get in touch with Societies Team bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk at least 12 weeks before the date you wish to hold the event.


  • Call a meeting with all committee members to plan the event. If it’s a big event why not ask other members if they would like to help or volunteer and get them involved?

  • At this stage you can let your imagination run wild and think up all the elements you dream of having in your event.

  • When you get to the research stage you will get a better idea of what is possible within your budget and time frame.

Get your creative hats on, download this Events Planning Spider Diagram and discuss and write down answers to the questions within each circle, this will start the ball rolling on turning your ideas into reality!

Events Planning Spider Diagram

Fill in the Blanks...


Preparation is key in running a successful event.

  • Set out the key dates for achieving each task and ensure deadlines are met: from getting initial quotes (equipment, venue, travel, entertainment etc.), pricing and selling tickets – right through to eventually booking & signing contracts.

    NEVER book, spend or pay for anything until you know you have it covered!

    Do your Cost, Budget, Spend to determine ticket price – once you have hit your ticket sales target THEN you can book & pay. This safeguards you from losing money on any unsuccessful events.

  • Share out the workload between the team. This can be done via regular meetings but KEEP NOTES on WHO? will be doing WHAT? and by WHEN?

  • Fill in the the Special Event Form

  • Fill in Event Brief below – This keeps everyone in the loop on key details

Event Brief

Fill in the Blanks...


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! It’s show time, the day of your event.

You’re not expected to remember everything on the day so make life easy for yourself, get organised, and avoid any last minute panics.

Complete the checklist and make sure everyone has a copy to make sure nothing gets forgotten and everything runs smoothly on the day.

Event Check List

Fill in the Blanks...


You did it! We knew you would, a big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved.

We hope your planning and preparation lead to a successful, stress-free event which met all its objectives and made the hard work pay off. Even if everything went to plan and you feel it could not have gone any better, still take some time to get everyone who was involved back together for a debrief.

Take this template to the meeting to review each aspect

Review Event

Fill in the Blanks...

Call a meeting and get everyone to answer the questions in each circle. The answers from this discussion will provide the content for you to make a short report. This can then be given to future committees who will benefit from your wisdom and experience in the handover.

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