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MODULE: Committee Actions


Every academic year the Society Elections take place.

Each Society must take part in the elections to keep the society rolling on to the next academic year.

Why April?

So there is enough time for the current leadership team to prepare handover in May. This is when they will teach you how to take on their role, so you are ready to fulfil it in the year ahead, keeping your society going strong.


Find out more from your VP Activities Meg!


Why not have a go at leading your society?

Your chance to nominate yourself!

  • Nominations Open: 9am Monday 19th April

  • Nominations Close: 5pm Friday 23rd April


Who leads your society?

You decide!

  • Voting Opens: 9am Monday 26th April

  • Voting Closes: 5pm Thursday 29th April

  • Results: 2pm Friday 30th April

The Compulsory Roles

Have a read through the following committee role descriptions, one might be the perfect fit for you!

Role Descriptions – President

This is the role description for the President which includes a list of duties and responsibilities

Role Descriptions – VP Finance

This is the role description for the VP Finance which includes a list of duties and responsibilities

Role Descriptions – VP Social

This is the role description for the VP Social which includes a list of duties and responsibilities

Why be part of a society committee?

  • Employability skills and certificate, which is great for the CV! Find out more here

  • A chance to plan fun things for your society!

  • Funding and promotion for your society!

  • Special deals on and off campus!

  • Free room bookings on campus to meet up!

  • Society webpage and online shop!

  • Free equipment, tools and resources!

How to Stand and/or Vote

On the Key Dates you will be able to STAND and/or VOTE via your society webpage (located just above your accreditation) see screenshot below.

  1. Log-in (top right) and go to your society page.

  2. Scroll down to the elections and click ‘Post List’

    Then click ‘Show all posts’

  3. Scroll to find the post you wish to stand for.

    Shortcut: Press buttons Ctrl F and type the name of your the society i.e.  ‘Paramedic’ into the box that pops up for quick find.

Do I have to write a manifesto?

No, that is not necessary, just write a short statement on why you would be good for the role and if you like include a photo of yourself.

Can I Stand? Can I Vote?

If you want to stand/vote in your society, buy your membership now! brightonsu.com/societies

This video shows you how to join and view your membership vimeo.com/240323889

🔧 If you have any technical issues please email bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk and we can add you in manually 

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