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Use your society bank account

Never use your own bank account for any society business.

BSU sets you up a society bank account, keeping your money safe. You can clearly see any money coming ‘in’ and ‘out’ is for/from your society only

Check your balance BEFORE you spend

Never spend money your society does not have. We cannot under any circumstances pay back expenses claims if the money is not in the account to cover it

Use your mobile banking link to check your balance

Keep your receipts!!

Do not submit a Payment Form to reclaim expenses  without uploading the receipts; we can’t refund you with no proof… always get proof!

Upload receipts to the Payment Form when you are reclaiming expenses you have incurred

Get invoices (YOUR bill to pay) from suppliers so we can pay them from your society bank account

Never pay a supplier (i.e. a DJ) on the night, using your own cash – get an invoice!

Ask, by law anyone charging for a service must be able to provide an invoice for payment

Let us invoice (THEIR bill to pay) external companies for you. i.e. Drama society performed at Brighton Fringe

We MUST raise invoices for you. We will chase for payment too so you don’t have to worry

Email us with *1) Amount *2) Company Name, Address & Email Address *3) Brief description of services you provided

Let us know about your Society Fundraising and sponsorship’s!

Again we MUST raise invoices for you. We will chase for payment too so you don’t have to worry.

Please complete the Society Fundraising Request Form if you wish BSU to raise an invoice request for payment to an organisation or individual that has agreed to sponsor your society or provide your society with a grant.

Get in touch with Societies Team BEFORE you make any large payments £250+ on accommodation, travel, venue hire etc.

Don’t put yourself at risk making large payments £250+ on accommodation, travel, venue hire etc. without getting Societies Team to check it first

The Societies Team are here to help. We can check any large payments you plan to make (£250+) ensuring the company’s T & C’s and Cancellation Policy’s are legitimate and fair

Use BSU FREE printing (£50 credits)

Forget paying for printing at reprographics

Go to your local BSU reception with the posters/flyers on USB. Please make sure they are print ready!

Host your events for FREE in our venues

Avoid paying venue hire fee/a set quota of bar spend £££ at external venues

Book The Hive Bar, Falmer or Basement Central Cafe-Bar, Moulsecoomb