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MODULE: Rules and Regs

Data Protection

Contact Lists

Societies are no longer allowed to create and maintain their own contact list of members, this is due to new legislation making it against the law to do so.

Everyone interested in a society must join through the website. Learn how by following this handy Video Guide

Students belonging to other colleges and Universities can join societies too, but will need to create a guest account on our website. There is even a handy Video Guide for this!

The SU retains all society membership lists and the committee are able to message the whole group through the SU website. This will ensure that the SU is responsible for holding the data securely.

Providing contact list to an external organisation

If a society is asked to provide their membership list to an external organisation, this can only be done with the agreement of each person on the list. Students have the right to say NO to share their details with third parties.

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