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MODULE: Plan Events

Book a Space on Campus

Your society - Your Space

Booking your Space

Societies Team will allocate you a space on campus to host your regular meet ups. Think about how and when you would use the space, so we can book one that best matches your needs.

  • How often would your society like to meet?

    E.g. Once a week? Once a fortnight?

  • What day would work best?

    E.g. Every Tuesday

  • What types of activities do you plan to do?


Types of spaces available

  • The Hive Cafe Bar in Falmer sets a cool atmosphere – Check it out here

  • Seminar Room with movable tables and chairs are great for games, quizzes and workshops

  • Lecture Hall with fixed rows of seating, facing the front, are perfect for movie screenings and debates

Don't lose your space!

Keeping your Space!!!

Once we’ve booked your society space, your name will be listed alongside the booking.

Apart from staff, you are the only ones who get this special privilege. It’s super important to respect the space and follow these 5 rules in order to keep your space.

  1. If you do not need your regular booked room please let us know!

    Even if its just a one off – we still need to know so we can update it on the system.  This is extremely important for Fire Safety as the caretakers need to know which rooms are in use.

  2. You must leave the room at/or before 8.30pm so the caretakers can lock up

  3. Clear all rubbish from any food, drink and activities before you leave

  4. Put furniture back – copy the room layout picture on the wall by the door.

  5. Keep noise at a normal level – some offices are open til 7pm so workers will hear you

Not following booking rules will sadly result in your society no longer being permitted to use the space

Need a different space for a one off event?

Please try to host your event in you allocated room. However, if it is a one off event such as a conference and your usual room is not suitable get in touch with BSUsocieties@brighton.ac.uk and we will do our best to find you an additional space on campus.

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