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MODULE: Using the Website

Add Events

Adding your events to the website shows other students what your society is up to, giving them the chance to come along. Once they have met your society they are likely to want to join – becoming a new member.


Adding your first 3 events to the website ticks off an accreditation too, so you’ll be on your way to earning a further £60 for your society!

  1. When selecting date and time USE 8 digit date format (e.g 02/07/2020) and 24 hour clock with 4 digits and DOUBLE DOTS! (e.g. 14:30)

  2. In Event Types, tick Societies/Society Event ☑️ to make event display in BOTH calendars

  3. Upload an IMAGE! You don’t need to design just grab something that resembles the event i.e. A Quiz = question mark image, Open Mic = microphone image

  4. Don’t forget to [save] at bottom of page

  5. When searching for events you have added, ⬅️ WIDEN ➡️ the FROM and TO dates! (see image below)

Your events will display on your society webpage within the ‘Events’ tab

and also in our main Events Calendar

Here’s a hack for you!


IF your event DOES NOT need a ticket (free to attend and no cap on numbers) SAVE TIME, just copy and paste the URL from your Facebook event! This will save you having to write a description.


Your event will show up in both calendars AND when people click the event it will take them to Facebook where they can select ‘attend’ or ‘Interested’.

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