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MODULE: Awards & Rewards


Update to Accreditations 

Let’s have a look at how you can still achieve all the accreditation’s as a society while staying at home.

  • Welcome Event

    Hold a welcome event online. Find lots of ideas for online icebreaker games in the Virtual Event Unit. All societies get a Zoom account with no time limits, email the team to find out more.

  • Add your semester 1 and 2 meetups to the website 

    Add your online socials and events to your webpage so your members know where to find you online. Find out more about how to add an event to your webpage in the Add Events Unit .

  • Enter Society of the Month

    Tell us about your amazing online events! Fill in the form to enter here!

    Remember to take screenshots and photos of your online event to include in your entry!

  • Collaborate with another society

    Work with another society to host an online event for all your members!

  • Raise £50 and £100 for charity

    This can be done online! Find out more in the Fundraising for Charity unit. 

  • External Visitor

    Invite a speaker/guest to an online event! Remember to let us know about the speaker in an External Speaker Form. 

  • Organise an event that differs from your regular meet ups 

    Check out the Special Virtual Events Unit for some ideas for how to achieve this accreditation.

Ideas –

Need help with your online events? Visit the Virtual Event Unit or contact the team for advice.

Document it –

We would love to see what you have all been up to, take a screenshot or video and post it into your Microsoft teams group or send it to us at Bsusocieties@brighton.ac.uk .

1. What you Get

  • Goals to achieve – making your society thrive

  • Money rewards (up to £285!) – keep getting bigger and better

  • Employability skills and certificates – Showcase your achievements

2. Where to find it

Your society accreditation is on your webpage, within the ‘Accreditation’ tab.


3. The 4 Levels


There are 4 levels, each with increasing funding rewards!

  1. Emerging – £50

  2. Developing – £60

  3. Established – £75

  4. Outstanding – £100

Every society starts on ‘Emerging’ and can work their way up to Outstanding.



4. The Tasks


Each level has different tasks. It starts off super easy, in fact you are achieving one right now!


  • ‘Complete Society Training’ is 1 of the 2 tasks in Emerging level (see above image)

  1. Some Tasks are ‘Compulsory’

  2. Others are ‘Optional’ – only need to pick 1

5. How to Achieve each Task


  • If ever you need help to know ‘how’ to achieve any of the tasks, click on the ‘How’ button. An explanation will pop up.

  • Don’t forget! You will find really helpful videos, templates and information on most of these tasks within these training modules, so remember to refer back to them in the future!


Don't forget about these modules once you've passed training! Revisit them to help get all the accreditations!!


6. How to Let us Know you’ve completed a Task

We don’t know you’ve completed a task unless you tell us.




  • Click on the ‘Get This’ button and a pop up form will appear!

  • Complete the fields i.e Society, Role and upload requested evidence i.e. A link to the video, a photo of the event.

  • We can then check this for you. If successful:

7. How you’ll know what you’ve achieved

'To Do' in the box is replaced with a big tick!

Once each level is complete we will credit your society bank account with the following amounts:


£ Amount











You will be awarded with a certificate in May celebrating the level you achieved and the employability skills you demonstrated to get there.

Here’s what Outstanding looks like

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