Here you can gain quick access to all the resources such as Booking  Forms, Handover Documents and much much more!


All of these resources feature within the modules.


Only take the direct access approach 'if' you know what you are doing, otherwise you will be missing out on the helpful info that goes with them.


Add Society Events to Webpage – Accreditation

Apply for Sponsorship – Accreditation

Attend Society Development Meeting – Accreditation

Collaborate with another society – Accreditation

Complete Handover Packs – Accreditation

Book A Room Form

Book university rooms for your events here!

Enter Society of the Month – Accreditation

External Speaker Form

Thinking of hosting an External Speaker at an online event? Let us know here!

External Visitor – Accreditation

Film a Society Recruitment Video – Accreditation

Complete the Online Training – Accreditation

Freshers Fair Stall – Accreditation

Members Joined – Accreditation

Organise a Event – Special Event Form – Accreditation

Organise a Trip – Accreditation

Raise £100 for Charity – Accreditation

Rasie £50 for Charity – Accreditation

Re|Freshers Week – Accreditation

Re|Freshers Welcome Event Room Booking

Run Society Welcome Event – Accreditation

Semester 2 Meet Ups – Accreditation

Society Ball Ticket Request Form

Let's get these tickets out!

Society of the Month

Could your Society Win £100? APPLY here!

Society Takeover – Accreditation

Special Event Form

Is this event a bit different from your usual society meet ups? Then it's time to fill in this form!

Take part in the official society elections – Accreditation

Trip Form

Planning a society trip off Campus? Let us know your plans here!

Update Society Webpage – Accreditation