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Book a room for your Re|Freshers Welcome event here!


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  • Please note- Room can only be booked up until 08:30 PM
  • Re|Freshers week is the only time we can book you rooms with a higher capacity then your membership numbers.
  • Room Booking Terms and Conditions

  • Do you acknowledge that this booking is not a repeat booking?
    Do you accept that Alcohol is strictly Prohibited from being consumed on campus. Unless it is brought and consumed in a licensed establishment.
    Do you expect that all food and Drink provided at your events will be labelled with all allergens clearly stated.
    Do you accept that you will leave the room as found with all rubbish cleared and the furniture in place (using picture of room on wall as reference)
    Do you accept that your event will be finished and room vacated at time stated at booking and no later then 20:30 in any circumstances.