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MODULE: Using the Website

Update Your Webpage

Your society webpage displays 3 main things:

  1. Public email address – MySociety@gmail.com

  2. Links to your Social channels – Facebook, Instagram,Twitter

  3. Description about your society and what you get up to

Your webpage is the shop window of your society, make sure it has everything on display

Becky French

Your webpage is the first place students will go to check you out. So make sure you don’t sell yourselves short. Having an up-to-date society profile will both:

  • Enable potential new members to get in touch

  • Attract new members to join

To update your society profile, go to the website and log-in (top right) using your student central details

Click on the cog icon (top right) and select your society

Select ‘Edit Details’

Fill in all sections within the pink box with your society contact details

Fill in the section within the yellow box with a warm and welcoming description of your society. Make this exciting and remember to include key info such as:

  • What you get up to

  • When you meet

  • Where you meet

Remember to SAVE! Highlighted in the green box above.

Here is how the description and contact details you have just entered (in the back end) will display on your society webpage (on the front end).

Take a closer look at Arts Society’s description. It is informative, friendly and fun!



Welcome to the Art society! We are delighted that you have come this far and shown interest in our society.

In our society meetups, we tend to do a lot of creative and fun things in a relaxed environment as a way of providing a place where we can share our artistic/creative capabilities and have a moment away from our university studies.

We meet every Thursday evening on Moulsecoomb Campus from 6-8pm (This could change locations in some meetups, so please add the society to your basket and check out before you go or look out for our emails, so that we can keep you up to date with all the information you need to know about the exciting events that are going to happen).

We do a wide variety of activities, such as: life drawings, origami, painting, board games, socials and more! We are planning to do more socials and more collaborations with other societies, as well as other outings and events. If there is anything else you might want to do, we are always up for suggestions!

Please feel free to come along to our next meetup or support us on instagram. We will be delighted with the support!

The more members who join, the more fun the society will get! So come along and bring your friends, or artistically challenged fellows. Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident in your artistic skills as this is only a place for you to take your mind off your studies for a moment, or for some, to improve on your artistic skills.

And who are we to judge anyways!

Arts Soc

Updating your society webpage ticks off an accreditation, so you’ll be on your way to earning £60 for your society!

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