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MODULE: Using the Website

Message Members via Website

Did you know you can send ‘one‘ message to ‘all‘ of your society members through the website?

  • When a student joins your society (purchasing their membership on your webpage) their email automatically links!

  • When a committee member is elected in (through votes on your webpage) their email automatically links!

  • This means you can message them through the website…


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

  1. If your members are not informed – how will they know?

  2. If they don’t know where you meet – How will they find you?


Thinking Exercise

Imagine you are a society member (not a society leader) write down 5 things you would want to know about...

Great job! Thinking about things from the receiving end helps us to keep our society members in the loop. We don’t want them to miss out on any of our events, we want them to feel involved and happy. The 5 things you have listed are exactly what you should be informing everyone on. This can be done quickly and easily through the website, simply follow this video.

  • The messaging feature groups recipients into lists, highlighted below in yellow: [All Exec Members] and [All Members] so you can send one email to everyone in that group.

  • Below these grouped lists you will see a longer list of all members. You can tick ✅ one or more ✅✅✅ individual members to send the email to. To find people quickly, use the A-Z filter bar at the top and search by surname, highlighted below in Pink.

Here are the key 4 messages your members will want you to send..

  1. A welcome message, thanking them for purchasing their membership to your society

  2. An invite to the latest event

  3. An update on what the society is doing/future plans

  4. An invite to a meeting

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